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I was recently diagnosed with Distal RTA & Sjogren's Syndrome, which has been a spiritual wake up call for me. I decided to create a blog to empower myself, educate my family & friends and create support for others. I live in Central Florida with my partner, my 10-year old son, an epileptic pug and a rescued cat. I am mecurial, sensitve, passionate and intense.

Monday, January 16, 2012


A few days ago I lost a great friend, her name is Allison. It was sudden & totally unexpected. She died in her sleep & as of now we don't know why. She was so young & vibrant & loving. She had two boys, a 2-year old and an 8 year old, an adoring husband, a very big family & many friends who loved her.

I have a very strong & deep faith & I have never once doubted my beliefs. And I believe that things happen for a reason, yet I keep finding myself asking "Why?". I know I won't get any answers right now. And I know Allison is in a better place & that I will hug her & laugh with her again there one day. But the heartache is so great. Especially when I watched her 2 boys playing the other night. As a mom, it physically hurts me to think of them growing up without her being there. And as a partner, I can't even begin to imagine how her husband is able to function.

She met my partner before she met me but when we did finally meet, she embraced me in a great big hug & kissed me on the cheek & told me how happy she was to meet me. That's just how she was, she loved big. And if she felt a connection with you, she would tell you she loved you, even if she'd just met you that day. And it wasn't a superficial love. She was a genuine, kind, caring, fun-loving person who gave all of herself to her family & friends. I miss her so much.

I'm having a hard time moving forward. The loss is just to big & so damn tragic. She died suddenly so please, please, remember to love the people in your life & let them know NOW...cuz otherwise it might be too late.

Rest in peace Allison. I love you my dear, dear friend.

Allison & her husband at my birthday party last year. We had so much fun that night :)

Allison & her husband with my partner & I at our Committment Ceremony almost 3 years ago.

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