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I was recently diagnosed with Distal RTA & Sjogren's Syndrome, which has been a spiritual wake up call for me. I decided to create a blog to empower myself, educate my family & friends and create support for others. I live in Central Florida with my partner, my 10-year old son, an epileptic pug and a rescued cat. I am mecurial, sensitve, passionate and intense.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things that make me happy

I love making lists. I have no idea why because I don't really think my list-making obsession has made me more organized. Although I don't just make lists of that kind. I once bought a book of list ideas! Now that may sounds crazy to you, but the idea of a book full of different kinds of lists I could make, made me giddy :) Lately I've had some ideas of lists I wanted to make on here - the thing is it would be wicked fun if others shared their lists or added to mine. Anyhow, here is my list of things that make me happy right now:

1. Nights when I go to bed and I'm actually tired enough to fall asleep in less than 30-minutes.
2. Fig newtons.
3. Warm blankets, fresh out of the dryer.
4. When I hug my 10-month old nephew and he presses his cheek into my cheek; I call it our special hug.
5. My 10-year old son snuggling with me under the blanket on the couch while we each read our own book.
6. That my partner got a new full-time job that pays enough so she can stop working two jobs; now she'll work normal business hours, get paid vacation and not have to pay anything towards her health insurance.
7. My 6-year old, diva dog pug when she is so happy to see you that she gives her classic pug snort greeting & tiny little snot pubbles stick to her nose.
8. When my 4-year old rescued cat, who is only in her second winter indoors, discovered the comfort of curling up in soft blankets this morning; she was purring so loudly I could hear her across the room.
9. That I had the option of getting tofu in my pad thai at lunch today; that I went out to lunch today with my mother who treated my sister & I.
10. The clear blue skies and bright sunshine that have kept me from having a major weather-related flare up today (it's 46 degrees in Central Florida where normally it would be about 20 degrees warmer!).
11. That my 10-year old son doesn't mind me using his laptop a lot.
12. That my partner got an ipad 2 for Christmas from her cousins; she never buys herself anything & even on her birthday will ask for things the family needs.
13. That my sister and I are so close to each other. I love her so very much.
14. That my parents are planning to move back to Lancaster County within the next 3 or 4 years. This was something I was planning to do and when they decided to do the same thing, I was overjoyed.
15. Doreen Virtue's books on angels. I've read almost all of them and I've started re-reading the ones I own ever since I got home from the hospital.
16. That I discovered my holy word - Truth.
17. That I was told the name of my gaurdian angel - Serenity.
18. All the selfless people who do so much to help all the animals in need.
19. Water. Such a simple thing. Something we take for granted. It's purity and purpose intertwined to spur on our bodies so they function. I may lack some, but that only makes me more happy that I can walk over to my sink, lift the handle on the facuet and pour myself a glass of water to drink.
20. Naps.


  1. I'm the same as you - I love making lists (and no, they haven't made me anymore organised but I make them all the same).

    It was lovely reading through your list of happiness today and has reminded me to keep the simple things in mind at all times.

  2. Things That Make Me Happy
    1. French fries
    2. Snuggling from Paul
    3. How Brittani can read my mind and always "gets me"
    4. Sunday naps
    5. HOw frisky the dogs get when it's cold
    6. How good myhair looks when it's cold
    7. Smell of bread baking
    8. My step dad playing guitar and all of us just hanging out singing great rock classics
    9. The magic of the internet- I can instantly learn about anything I wver wonder about.
    10. Little baby giggles- like when they first start laughing
    11. The smell of coffee brewing when I am waking up, or the smell of breakfast cooking
    12. A great song jamming with the windows down
    13. Mountains
    14. Eating lunch outside with the view of any body of water
    15. Erikha Badu
    16. Live music at a dive bar
    17. laughing so hard I cry
    18. smiling so much I get a headache
    19. Down to earth friends who have ideas to talk about
    20. FB for allowing me to feel connected and get to know moments in thier lives